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 Jennifer Janowsky
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Hi martinbeslu,

Choice (C) doesn't contradict the facts of what is in the stimulus. It's simply puts "some councillors" in a contradictory position as far as their stated goals and the results of their plan. This hurts the councillor's argument. Hope this helps!
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I am having trouble understanding why D does not weaken the argument. While I understand why the opinion of the voters is irrelevant, I was put off by this answer because it establishes a link between voters who live in the city and them benefiting from the low fares. I assumed that because they are voters, they probably pay taxes, and so because they benefit from the bus fares, the councilors' argument for hiking bus fares is threatened through their own reasoning by showing city tax payers benefiting from the subsidized fares. Was my mistake in assuming that because they are voters, they pay taxes, or is there something else I should have noticed?
 Adam Tyson
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The conclusion is about raising bus fares, while answer D is about opposition to raising taxes, which is not relevant to the conclusion. Heck, maybe raising bus fares would mean the city could lower taxes, which those voters might like!

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