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this question stem is very confusing to me. I am usually able to tell whether a given question is a Justify question or a Necessary Assumption question, but I couldn't do so by this one. I thought it was a Justify question. I get that Justify question stems generally contain language of sufficiency, and that this does not, but I still can't see a way to be able to tell off the bat that this question is a Necessary Assumption.
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I was also confused whether this was a justify or assumption question. What are the main indicators that will help me differentiate between the two?
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Ginger,

Rachael's explanation further up in this chain contains an excellent explanation: this isn't a Justify question because there's no language of sufficiency in the stem. Justify questions require some indication that we on the sufficient side, and this does not have it.

This with the mention of asking for an assumption and no sufficiency present, this is rightly classified as an Assumption question :-D


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