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Complete Question Explanation

Strengthen—PR. The correct answer choice is (C)

In the dialogue presented here, the production manager points out that, while the materials the company is using are in compliance with industry safety codes, some safety risk remains. Since the company has the technological capability to make a safer version of the product, the production manager argues that the old version should immediately be replaced with the newer version, in the interest of public safety.

The sales manager responds that the company needs to continue selling the older version of the product, to ensure the financial capability to develop and promote the newer, safer version.

The stimulus is followed by a question stem that asks which principle most justifies the conclusion drawn by the production manager. Since we are looking for the answer that most justifies, this is actually a Strengthen question, and the correct answer choice will bolster the argument that replacement of old version of the company’s product is the right course of action.

Answer choice (A): Since the stimulus regards a product that has already been developed, this principle would not serve to strengthen the production manager’s conclusion. The principle in this answer choice deals with the requirement to develop safer versions, while the production manager is talking about a safer version that has already been developed, asserting that the old version should therefore be replaced.

Answer choice (B): This choice is irrelevant to the stimulus, because the production manager is discussing a product that does meet safety code requirements but still carries some safety risk.

Answer choice (C): This is the correct answer choice, because if this principle were to be established, there would be little question what the company should do: if a company should never sell a risky product when able to produce a safer version, then the production manager is correct in asserting that the company should replace the old version because they have the capability to make a safer one. This is the correct answer choice because this is the one that most helps to justify the Production Manager’s argument.

Answer choice (D): The production manager’s conclusion does not deal with the review of safety codes, although this is a case in which a product that does comply with safety codes is still somewhat hazardous. The production manager’s point is simply that the company has already developed a safer product version, so that should be the version that the company makes available on the market.

Answer choice (E): Since the product discussed in the stimulus is does comply with safety codes, this principle would not help to strengthen the production manager’s conclusion, so this answer choice is incorrect.

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