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P: "Since removing asbestos from buildings disturbs it, thereby releasing asbestos fibers, [posing health risk]"
C: "the gov't should not require removal of all asbestos insulation"

Hello, I was quick to narrow down between (B) and (E), and I ultimately picked (B) instead.

Can you please elaborate (B) vs (E)? Some people online suggest that part of fault with (B) is that it repeats the claim from stimuli that removing asbestos can pose healthy risk, because (B) states "asbestos can pose a health threat to workers who remove it.." However I'm not very convinced, because in strengthening a causal relationship A :arrow: B, we often use an example A :arrow: B to strengthen such a relationship. Perhaps, strengthening a causal relationship and is different from strengthening what we have here, and hence it is not a relevant comparison.

Thanks in advance.
 Jay Donnell
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Hi silent7706!

I think the most clear and useful factor in why B falls short here is that it brings up an additional factor involved with the risk borne by removing asbestos in that we are narrowing down to workers who are not using protective gear. Knowing that, we are then left to wonder how often workers do or don't have their (required) protective gear, and if they really face any danger at all while taking the proper protective measures.

Also, we are (whenever possible) drawn to answers with stronger logical force as attractive options in Strengthen questions, and the can in (B) also helps to dull its usable potency.

Between those two issues, B doesn't offer much power in strengthening the argument, whereas E highlights the idea that forced removal of asbestos and subsequent placement in a landfill might not be its final resting place, which compounds the negative health risks associated each time the asbestos is disturbed.

Hope that helps to clear it up!
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I read the argument multiple times but I just don't see any flaws...and I don't see how D weakens. Even if D were true, isn't there still that health hazard from the asbestos? isn't that reason for the government to avoid removing all asbestos insulation
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And can I say that not removing the asbestos means to leave it in the buildings?

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