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gwlsathelp wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 5:41 pm Hi, I would like to know what the two independent premises are in answer D. I identified the independent premises clearly in the stimulus, but answer D does not. How would you approach understanding this?
I read this question as

New buildings + Public spaces :arrow: Not taxed in specific timeframe
New buildingAlton + Public spaceAlton :arrow: not taxed next year/not taxed during specific timeframe

For me, the method of reasoning was a conjoined variable repeat form.
 Robert Carroll
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The statements before the comma in answer choice (D) are two different premises. Your diagram of the second premise isn't consistent with your diagram of the first: the second premise doesn't mention "public space", and if "Alton" is to be a subscript of the first conjunct of the sufficient condition of the conditional, then the first premise could just have been written:

New buildingspublic spaces :arrow: Not taxed in specific timeframe

Ultimately, neither way is incorrect, but they have to be consistently applied.

Robert Carroll

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