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I'm wondering how B is the correct answer. I initially chose this answer but I thought it was an example of a shell game, because the conclusion focuses on businesses that want to remain power, not solely institutions. I was picking between B and E and since the conclusion solely focused on businesses remaining in power, I thought that B was a trap answer.

Could you explain how B is the correct even if it focuses on the broad institutions rather than business as articulated in the conclusion?
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Hi angelsfan0055!

The word institution here, as you mentioned, is broader than the term business, but I think you're overthinking this one! The word "institution" certainly applies to businesses, as they are institutions. You can even find evidence for this within the stimulus itself, as the Iron Law of Responsibility is said to specifically apply to "human institutions" by the author, who then discusses how this applies to businesses specifically. So, it still weakens the argument for the reasons addressed by the the other instructors.

I hope this helps! :)

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