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Complete Question Explanation

Must Be True. The correct answer choice is (E).

Answer choice (A):

Answer choice (B):

Answer choice (C):

Answer choice (D):

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice.

This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Hello! Why is E correct as opposed to A? I originally chose E but felt like A was better since the stimulus mentions how much of today's literature is inferior and explains why that inferiority entails. I felt like E may have been too strong in comparison to A in regards to already assuming that the novel is good literature when the stimulus just mentions that it's promising.

thank you!
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Hey Lujainaltawarah,

The stimulus gives us too issues with today's literature:

1. it lacks intricacy
2. it doesn't focus on the significant

We know the author thinks Hypatia's latest novel is complex, so it seems to address the first issue, which is why answer choice (E) is the most strongly supported. We don't, however, know if Hypatia's novel focuses on the significant, and therefore we cannot compare the degree to which Hypatia focuses on this versus other authors, which is why we cannot say that answer choice (A) is correct.

Hope that helps!

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