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I'm having a hard time seeing why A is correct. I've seen other explanations, but I would like to see how PS explains it.
 Adam Tyson
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Hey adlindsey, let me see if I can help! My view of this argument is that it boils down to "polls cause a bad influence, so their publication should be banned just before elections". To weaken that, I want to show one of three things (and this is my prephrase):

1. Show that they have some value that outweighs the negatives
2. Show that they aren't such a bad influence after all
3. Show that banning them makes things worse (essentially the same as number 1 here)

Answer A is an example of #2 - they aren't so bad in the last two weeks, the time period during which the author wants them banned. If they aren't causing a problem, and banning them infringes on freedom of expression, then there's no reason to ban them and some reason not to. The argument is thus weakened.

Was there another contender here that you liked better? Was your prephrase similar to mine?

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