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I don't really understand what C has to do with the conclusion that we should increase funding for intervention research? How is it supporting that
 Adam Tyson
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I think you may be referring to question 4 in that section rather than question 6, so I am linking you here to our discussion of that question. If that doesn't take care of it for you, akanshalsat, please reply in that thread and we'll follow up!

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Hi PS!

I selected B as the correct answer choice, but don't fully see how it is incorrect. After reviewing, I do see how C is a better answer, but will you please explain why B isn't correct?


 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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The problem, Nick, is that we don't know from the stimulus which set of colors the artist intended. We know that after restoration there is a change in the color. But it is entirely possible that the restoration restores the originally intended colors, while the pre-restoration art had colors that were not as the artist intended. We know that in general art historians are aware that the colors of the pieces they study may differ from what the artist originally intended. However, that is still consistent with the different colors occurring in pre-restoration rather than post-restoration art.

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