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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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I find myself getting overwhelmed or confused with advanced linear games because of all the variable sets. Are there any tricks for keeping track of/organizing these or just a general way they should be approached?
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 Dave Killoran
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It can be confusing to track all that info, but it will also get better the more often you do these types of games. A few tips/thoughts that might help:

  • • Always write out or at least notate the different sets at the start of the game. this gives you a quick reference to use when sorting things out.

    • Choosing one pf the sets as the base will help organize all the others. focus on choosing the one that establish the most order or information (far more on that is in our courses and LG Bible).

    • Every time you make that skeleton diagram, always keep each set on the same line. so if you put days of the week as the base, and colors as the first row, etc, always keep colors as the first row; never vary that.

    • When you have multiple sets, expect rules that will link them together. This is what they do, so be ready :-D

    • When they link different sets, always diagram the variables in the relative position to the diagram. So, if colors is the first row in your diagram, always place the colors on the bottom in any block, etc. this might mean you make blocks with spaces in them--that's fine. You want ti to visually match your base diagram setup.

    • The majority of Advanced Linear games have 3 sets. Occasionally there are 4, and very rarely are there 5. The more sets there are, usually the fewer elements are in each, though, so it will be manageable. you won't get 5 sets that each have 7 variables, for example.


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