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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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Hi Powerscore -

I have done the Zephyr airlines game (June 2003) about a million times in the last 3 months, at this point I can do it well. However, the first time I saw it, it really messed me up and I wanted to know if there are other games like it that I can practice with, with the idea that since I'm less familiar with them, it would test my actual grasp of the game concept.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated!

 Jeremy Press
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Hi Grace,

That's a tough (and frustrating) game, from both the student's and the instructor's perspective, because the biggest challenges that game presents are, as far as I can tell, unique in LSAT history. Those challenges are: (1) not letting yourself get distracted by the desire to "map out" the connections, but rather just listing the connections for each city; (2) the variables in the game are both part of the base and included in the lists (in other words, H is a base element, but then H also gets included in the grouping "lists" for some of the other cities).

I can't think of another game in the history of the test that exhibits both of those characteristics I identified above. I can give you several "partially defined grouping" games that involve creating lists like this (e.g. PT 48, December 2005, Game 3; PT 35, October 2001, Game 2). But those games will be a bit easier because there are two separate variable sets, one of which is the clear base, and the other of which is being distributed to those base groups.

Sorry for the bad news on that front, but the good news is, given its uniqueness, the chance of encountering this particular scenario on test day is very low!

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