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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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I just ordered the advanced logic games and on-demand.

I remember hearing in a podcast though that if an instructor came in and took your paper, you should have no trouble reciting all the rules.

Has anyone found any successful techniques for practicing this? Especially out of the ordinary techniques.
 Adam Tyson
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To clarify that advice, ericj_williams, what we mean is that if we took away the rules as they were presented to you on the screen, written out in plain English, you should still be able to complete the questions by just looking at your diagram. It's not about memorizing the rules (although that certainly helps if you can do it accurately), but about memorializing the rules with visual representations that are there on your scratch paper to work from. Don't memorize that P is before T, but write down P :longline: T so you can see it clearly every time you need it!

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