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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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This is my first time posting here after months of struggling with LG like crazy. I am taking the LSAT for a third time this Jan (mostly because of a HORRIBLE experience with ProctorU on the Nov Flex).

I feel like I'm losing my mind. I average -3 on both LR and RC. For LG, despite practicing for months, I only went from averaging -10 to averaging -8. Can't really get over that hump, and it's so discouraging.

Anyways, I'm sure there are multiple things I have to work on with LG, but one thing that I have noticed lately that slows me down is I tend to forget about some of the game pieces (or players, whatever you want to call them). It's hard for me not to go back, look at my original list, and tick off game pieces one at a time in order to see which ones are missing from my sketch diagram for a particular question. It eats away at my time and also makes the main diagram a bit confusing. I end up rewriting the list of game pieces multiple times just to be able to remember them all (I am including a photo for a visual example). I do this because I have a tendency to accidentally use one piece twice and forget about another which is obviously a surefire way to mess up.

I have not been able to find another topic on this forum describing a similar issue, so I hope I don't come across like an idiot. I have pretty severe ADHD and was only diagnosed as an adult. I have a feeling that might be part of why I struggle with this specific thing. It takes me about an hour to get -0 on an LG section. It's horrible. Also I do not plan on getting accomodations because I can't get a hold of the doc that diagnosed me, and also it's just a huge hassle.

Anyways, I hope the way I described my issue makes sense. I just need to get over this LG hump. :(

I appreciate any suggestions you have!
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 Robert Carroll
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I think the practice of writing a copy of the list of variables in a mini-diagram for each question you need it in isn't necessarily a bad practice. Just keep each such list isolated to the question's mini-diagram and it shouldn't be a problem. I think a problem is more likely to arise if you don't practice consistently - if sometimes you use the main diagram's list, sometimes a new list on a mini-diagram, then you haven't practiced one way consistently, so you'll be slow at whatever way you choose to use in a particular situation. Ticking things off the main diagram is also a recipe for problems - you don't want to mess with the main diagram once you've completed it, and erasing carries risks!

I also think you might obviate the need to write the list again if you notice a pattern among variables you're forgetting. Do you always have trouble remembering the randoms? If so, make sure you notate the randoms in your main diagram in a way that makes them easier to remember. Generally we at PowerScore do this by putting an asterisk underneath each random in the list. Those variables might thereafter "stick in your mind" and be variables you'll be more aware of.

As far as accommodations go, I'm not trying to pry into your private situation, but consider them! You seem to be telling me here that your (diagnosed) ADHD is the direct cause of your inability to finish a logic games section perfectly. You seem to be exactly the person accommodations were created for! Plenty of other people in your position are going to be using accommodations, so consider doing what you can to give yourself the best shot at this test.

Robert Carroll
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Thank you very much for the reply.

Consistency is definitely something I should work on and I hadn't thought about it that way, so that's very helpful.

It's too late for accomodations this admissions cycle, but in the unfortunate (and hopefully unlikely) event that I don't get any offers of admission, I will definitely consider trying to get accomodations - I'm not giving up. :-D

Thanks again!

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