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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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I've been studying pretty diligently for the November LSAT but am still doing really terribly on the logic games section (like, really bad).

Do I still have enough time between now and the November LSAT to nail down the games? What should I be doing beyond the games listed in the homeworks to get better?

Thank you!
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Hi jmac!

It can definitely be frustrating when you feel like you've been practicing but haven't yet seen the gains you're hoping for. Remember that improvement on the LSAT takes time and patience. It also takes a lot of practice and repetition.

With that in mind, you have all of the resources you need to improve at games. You just need to make sure that you are using them to their full potential. You've done the games in your Online Student Center once--but have you done them 3, 5, 7+ times? Sometimes students think if they've already done a game once, that they cannot do it again--but this is a mistake! First of all, I promise that you do not fully remember every game you have already done. Second, redoing games is valuable even for the games you remember: there is always something more to learn from a game. Redoing games allows you to dive more deeply into them and fully understand the game mechanics. Really spend some time with these games. Read through the complete setups and explanations that are in the pdfs for each LG practice set in the Online Student Center. Do your setups match? What types of inferences do you frequently miss? Try out some possibilities to learn how the rules interact with each other. Your goal should be to understand the game well enough that you could fully teach it to someone else. Look for the types of inferences and game mechanics that appear over and over again. Look at questions you got right and try to figure out if there might have been a faster way to get to that same answer.

Once you feel like your understanding of the games has deepened, start drilling them. Redo them again, but this time under timed conditions. Do them over and and over until you can finish them quickly and correctly.

It can feel tedious, but this kind of thorough practice and drilling is important for fully mastering games. There's still time to improve between now and the November test--so get at it!

Here are some more tips for improving in LG that you may want to check out: ... tice-tips/

Hope this helps!


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