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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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Dear Expert,

On pg 143, it states "each of the following cannot be false EXCEPT". The book states on this page "remember, convert false to true and then apply the 'except'". Hence Cannot Be False should be converted to Must Be True. Hence the 4 incorrect answer should be Not Necessarily True. What am I missing here?

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 Dave Killoran
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Hi RB,

Thanks for the questions. It works like this:

  • "each of the following cannot be false EXCEPT" = "each of the following must be true EXCEPT"

    When each of the following must be true EXCEPT, then the four incorrect answers are Must Be True, and the one correct answer is the opposite, or Not Necessarily True.
Please let me know i f that helps. Thanks!
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Thank you - can't believe the answer was right there. :) Makes sense. :)

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