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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
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How do you attack harder Could Be True questions in the following situation (I'm using PT 22 Sec. 3 Game 4 Q 22):

The opposite of Could be True is Can't Be True.

I run through my rules, and I can only eliminate one rule that can't be true. The board is relatively open.

This seems like the Fruit Stand game, where they through in a could be true that almost forces you to brute force, but with the Fruit Stand O can be used to find can't be trues quickly.

I feel like there are Could Be True's thrown in the middle of a game to sink time and get you frustrated having to try and brute force your way through.
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Hi ericj_williams!

That's definitely a tough question! Be sure to check out our detailed explanation of the setup to that game as well as how to go through question #22 here:

It's always best if you have a great setup upfront and have some good inferences that can help you out in the questions. But not all games have great inferences and even with great inferences they can still throw you a tricky question. Sometimes with an especially difficult could be true like this one, you really do just need to brute force your way through it. Not every question has a shortcut or a "trick" to it. Depending on how you are doing with time, this one might be one to skip. Come back to it if you have time. Just guess on it if you don't. Don't let yourself get sucked into spending too much time on a difficult question. Remember that all questions are worth exactly one point and there is no bonus for getting the really hard questions correct. It's a better use of your time to skip super difficult time/consuming questions to make sure you get to later questions which may be easier. You could spend a ton of time on some questions and still get them incorrect and then you may not have enough time for later questions which may be easier and faster. This applies not just to games but to LR and RC as well. So don't be afraid to skip!

Hope this helps!


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