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I know we have conditional logic in this problem and an unless equation, but I am having a hard time setting it up. This is my chain

S win election :arrow: MCG app HPC
(+) MCG not app HPC :arrow: S not win election

2. Y more qualified :arrow: on comm. for 15 yrs
(+) not on comm :arrow: Y not qualified

3. Unless the polls are grossly inaccurate, S will win.

S not win :arrow: poll inaccurate
(+) polls accurate :arrow: S will win
Also can someone please explain why E is the correct answer
 Emily Haney-Caron
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Hi Sarah,

Your #1 is great. #2, I actually would not try to diagram. #3 looks good to me. Connecting those, we have: polls not grossly inaccurate :arrow: S wins :arrow: M appointed [i.e., someone less qualified than Y appointed]

E is actually just restating that chain without the middle; if the polls are not grossly inaccurate, M will be appointed.

Hope that helps!

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