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Can someone explain why (C) is incorrect? Thank you!
 Adam Tyson
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I'll take a stab at it, kcho! The problem with C, while it looks like it might be some sort of "the cause is absent so the effect is absent" answer (or perhaps "the cause is lower so the effect is lower"), is that it does nothing to weaken Galina's approach - it still could be the case that sugar doesn't make sense as the cause because the concentration is so low. If answer C does weaken the argument (and it looks like a contender at first blush, albeit a pretty weak one), it clearly doesn't do the kind of damage that answer D does, because D directly counters the "low concentration/have to drink a lot of water" argument that she advanced. If D is true, then the squirrels DON'T have to drink much, if any, water to get the sugar! D does massive damage to her argument, and the stem asks us, as usual, to pick the answer that "most undermines" the argument, rather than just one that might undermine some.

Focus on that task of picking the best answer, rather than one that just might work, and these loser answers will be much more easily disposed of. Good luck!

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