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Complete Question Explanation

Parallel Flaw—SN. The correct answer choice is (E)

This stimulus contains a Mistaken Reversal:
  • Earn > $250K :arrow: Attend Pres Bus School

    Greta: Attend Pres Bus School :arrow: Earn > $250K
Because this is a Parallel question, you should look for an answer choice that contains a Mistaken Reversal.

Answer choice (A): This introduces health problems, a new term, so it does not match the stimulus.

Answer choice (B): This conclusion contains a comparison (more famous), so it does not match the conclusion.

Answer choice (C): This conclusion introduces the idea of Italians liking opera, which is a new idea (and hence not a Mistaken Reversal).

Answer choice (D): Again, this answer does not contain a Mistaken Reversal (it is more causal: nail causes luck).

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice. Diagrammatically:
  • Successful Opera :arrow: Study Lang

    Eileen: Study Lang :arrow: Successful Opera

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