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I have a question regarding the conclusion of the stimulus.
I thought what the author tries to say is that including the dull companion gives readers a chance to solve the mystery while also diverting them from the correct solution, which means that the readers have a chance to solve but are also diverted so they cannot reach the correct conclusion. and that's why I did not choose C because I thought readers cannot reach the correct solution based on the conclusion in the stimulus.

Could you help me with this?
Thank you!
 James Finch
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Hi Adeline,

It sounds like you misread what "diverted" means. It doesn't necessarily mean that the technique actually fooled anyone, just that it was intended to do so. If the readers were as clever the detective, they could also correctly solve the mystery in spite of the dimwitted sidekick's theories. Thus some stories would have to present enough clues to the reader to actually be able to solve the mystery correctly; this is necessary for the conclusion to be true, and we need to treat everything in the stimulus as true, even the conclusion.

Hope this clears things up!
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Hi James, thanks for your explanation :)
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I'm still not very sure how (C) is the correct answer. It says "the companion wrongly infers an inaccurate solution to the mystery using the same clues that the detective uses to deduce the correct solution." Based on this statement, we don't know whether the brilliant detective finally DEDUCED the correct solution or not. It only concludes that this detective uses the same clues IN ORDER TO deduce the correct solution. Maybe the detective used the evidence and tried to deduce something fruitful out of it, but it may not reach the correct solution.

With this possibility how could we be certain (C) is the correct answer? Thanks in advance!

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