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I narrowed down the answers to C and E and eventually choice C. I could see them both being supported by the passage. C I saw as correct because if Inez had believed energy and matter to be related (like Antonio goes on to say they are two sides of the same coin) she would have thought the title was sufficient - which she clearly does not. It seemed like C and E were very similar. Maybe what I was thinking that since Inez spoke first, and then Antonio followed up, It felt like Inez would have a chance to change her mind about the title (although realizing they weren't on the same page about the differences between energy and matter). Any help on why E was the better answer?
 James Finch
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Hi Heart of Sunshine,

Reading Inez's argument closely, we see that the book is nearly split 50/50 between talking about energy and talking about matter. So it seems safe to assume that Inez would want the title to reflect both topics, as she sees the two as distinct despite being "closely related." The admission that the two are "closely related" immediately eliminates (C), as Anthony definitely sees the two things as related, while bolstering the case for (E), as Inez's issue is with the title and the fact that it doesn't give any credit to energy despite the book spending nearly half its pages on it.

Hope this clears things up!
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Hi there,

I narrowed this question down to B and E, and ultimately selected B. I can see how he 50/50 discussion above supports E; however, what makes B incorrect? My thinking was that Antonio responded to Inez by saying that "I do not think the author erred [in mistitling]." Then goes on to explain why--that matter and energy are of the same phenomenon.

The only thing I can possibly think of that would make B incorrect is that just because two entities share a certain phenomenon doesn't necessarily equate to "no differences"?

Am I tracking this correctly? Any guidance eliminating B would be appreciated!
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 Ryan Twomey
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Hey Mountaingirl,

So with this problem, you picked an answer choice that said, Antonio believes there are no differences between matter and energy.

What Antonio actually said was that matter and energy are two facets of the same phenomenon. An analogy, would be how wireless speakers and AirPods are both facets of the same phenomenon, the phenomenon being Bluetooth. This does not mean that there are no differences between airpods and wireless speakers just like Antonio does not believe that there are no differences between matter and energy.

You asked for advice about how to not make the mistake on the 50/50 answers. I do not believe that answer choice B should have been remaining on the 50/50 pick. I think with must be true questions, you have to be thinking, does the passage support this answer choice. In this case, there is nothing in the passage that supports that there are no differences between matter and energy so you can eliminate that answer choice. I am a huge fan of explaining the questions through question type in logical reasoning, so just focus on what a must be true question is asking.

I hope this helps.

E is correct because Inez states the book is mistitled and strongly suggests Energy should be involved in the title. This is supported by the passage.

Best of luck studying!!!


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