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The answer to this question is B but I don't understand why the fact that the establishment of animal refuges saved species that would have become extinct means international efforts are not wasted. For one, animal establishments do not necessarily have to have been created by international efforts. And two, establishing an animal refuge does not necessarily mean protection of natural habitats (but simply substitute habitats), right?
 Steve Stein
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Hi Donger,

Good questions. First, you're correct that animal refuges are not necessarily created by international efforts--but here is the author's argument:

premise: Animals are becoming extinct at an increasing rate.

conclusion: International efforts to help the animals have been wasted.

With all else equal, the fact that animal refuges have actually saved species from extinction would at least weaken the author's argument that efforts on behalf of the animals are all wasted.

As for your second question, the answer choice specifies that species have been saved from extinction by animal refuges--this implies protection rather than simple relocation/habitat substitution.

One other point: It's always great to be able to look at an answer choice and know for sure that it is correct, but that is not always possible; it is often easier to identify the wrong answer choices as incorrect.

I hope that's helpful--please let me know whether this all makes sense--thanks!

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Steve! Thank you for the response! Things are definitely clearer now.

That last tip you gave also helped but probably in a way you didn't quite intend. I was unsure if I should skip reading all the answer choices if I am certain of an answer or whether I should read all the answer choices anyway. I did the latter and had difficulty finishing the section in time. Now I see that it's preferable to do the former if possible.

Thank you!

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