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Complete Question Explanation
The correct answer choice is (B).

Answer choice (A):

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice.

Answer choice (C):

Answer choice (D):

Answer choice (E):

This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Hi there,

Is A incorrect because it must be true?

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 Ryan Twomey
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Hey itsmathuri,

If W is in the morning then R must be at 9, Z must be at 10, W must be at 11, Y must be at 2, and T and S are interchangable at 3 and 4 pm.

You could do 3 templates in this game if that helps you out with the WY block. It can only go in 11/2, 2/3, and 3/4.

So in this question, A is incorrect because it must be false.

I hope this helps. Maybe try redoing the setup again with the templates I outlined and that might help you see the game more clearly. But also, the incorrect answers in a could be true question will be because they must be fale, not because they must be true.

Good luck in your studies and I wish you all the best.


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