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I understand now why B is correct, but may I have an explanation on how/why D should be ruled out?

Thank you so much!
 Adam Tyson
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Instead of being a flaw in the argument, scerankosky7, answer D actually supports the argument. The author argues that anyone successful in sales has been doing it for at least three years, so if it takes some people longer than that to meet the necessary condition of a strong client base, that would help prove that someone successful has been doing it at least that long. The problem is failing to consider that it might take less time, not that it might take more time!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the author is trying to prove that 3 years is sufficient. They are trying to prove that 3 years is necessary, when it might not be.
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Is making a comfortable living in sales and success the same thing?

Is this a question you would recommend diagramming? I personally found that it didn't help much mostly because I wasn't sure whether this was a conditional flaw or not.

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