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Complete Question Explanation

Point at Issue. The correct answer choice is (C)

Your task in this Point at Issue question is to select the answer choice containing a statement
concerning which Lustina and Priscilla would disagree. They each present an argument:


..... Premise: ..... futuristic science fiction does not need to represent current social realities

..... Sub Conclusion: ..... thus, its writers can envisage radically new social arrangements

..... Conclusion: ..... therefore, it has the potential to be a richer source of social criticism than is
..... ..... ..... ..... ..... conventional fiction


..... Premise: ..... futuristic science fiction writers more skillfully envisage radically new
..... ..... ..... ..... technologies than new social arrangements

..... Sub Conclusion: ..... so, writers’ imaginations are constrained by current realities

..... Conclusion: ..... thus, the most effective social criticism results from faithfully presenting the
..... ..... ..... ..... current social values for critical examination, as happens in conventional
..... ..... ..... ..... fiction

Your prephrase is that Lutsina and Priscilla both express an opinion, and disagree, concerning
whether conventional fiction or futuristic science fiction is a richer, or more effective source,
or social criticism. Lutstina concludes futuristic science fiction is better, while Priscilla prefers
conventional fiction. The correct answer choice will reflect this point at issue between them.
The incorrect answers will contain a statement concerning which at least one of the speakers has
expressed no opinion or concerning which the speakers both express an opinion but agree with each

Answer choice (A): Priscilla does not express an opinion concerning whether at least one science
fiction writer has succeeded in envisaging a convincing, radical new social arrangement.

Answer choice (B): Neither speaker addresses the general skill of science versus conventional fiction

Answer choice (C): This is the correct answer choice. Lustina would agree that futuristic science
fiction has the greater promise, while Priscilla thinks conventional fiction has greater promise.

Answer choice (D): Neither speaker addresses envisaging radically new technologies rather than
radically new social arrangements as a shortcoming of futuristic science fiction.

Answer choice (E): Neither speaker expresses an opinion concerning this statement.

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