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Hi, In this scenario, if the question had asked about C1, would it be correct to say that C1 must have three materials?

My logic is that since P must be in C1, then C1 must also have 2 other materials to accommodate whatever materials C2 has. This also means that C2 can only have 2 materials.

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Hi kliu49!

Yes, if C3 recycles glass, then C1 must have P + whichever two materials C2 has, for a total of three materials. And, as you also deduced, C2 can only have 2 materials in this scenario. Good job!

Hope this helps!

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Hi. How come N and T cannot be recycled solely (but together) at Center 2? Why couldn't this occur? If N is a necessary condition, couldn't it still occur without W, a sufficient condition? Thanks.

Center 1: P, N, T
Center 2: N, T
Center 3: G, N, W

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
Hope you have a good day,

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