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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=3673)

The correct answer choice is (D)

This question asks us to identify the maximum number of film showings that could occur during
the festival if L is never shown again after G is shown. Take a moment to understand precisely
what this means: we need to ensure that all showings of L precede any showing of G, whether or
not G and L are shown on different days or on the same day:
  • ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... L — G
We can maximize the number of film showings in one of two ways: either by showing L on all
three days but G – only once (as the last film on Saturday), or else by showing G on all three days
but L – only once (as the first film on Tuesday). In either case, the film showings on Thursday
would be completely defined:
june07_game_2_#8_diagram_1.png (17.88 KiB) Viewed 2320 times
Since we are asked to maximize the number of film showings during the festival, we should also
add H to the films being shown on Friday. Note that H cannot be shown on Saturday in either
solution without violating the third rule, because G must be shown on Saturday:
june07_game_2_#8_diagram_2.png (24.39 KiB) Viewed 2320 times
No more than six films can be shown in either scenario, validating answer choice (D).
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Section 1:
8. How do you determine the answer to this question?

If we look to number nine we have a set up that shows thursday- LGH friday- HG sat- G
l is never shown again after g and there are six showings that occur (which is the correct answer) Would i be able to determine that the answer is six based on the set up from number nine or is is possible that g could be placed on another day resulting in more/less showings if another set up made.
am i supposed to just draw out as many different ways that it could possibly work and then count the number of shows?
 Jon Denning
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Well you could certainly use question 9 to construct a hypothetical where a maximum of 6 is possible under the restriction given in question 8 (as you show). The only consideration would be whether you could construct a scenario where a seventh show could occur, since answer (E) for question 8 offers that possibility.

Of course, if you worked through the numerical distribution limits at the beginning (hopefully you did), you'd see that 7 is the maximum number ever possible: a 3-2-2 max, such as LGH, then HG, then LH (for instance). But that requires all 3 on the first day and L on the third day, which can't happen for question 8, so that proves that D is correct here.

Hope that helps!
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Yes this makes sense now! I completely forgot to do the numerical distributions! Thanks so much for the help!
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Hi, I don't understand how E is the correct answer when the rules say that you can only play a film once a day?

 Adam Tyson
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D is actually the correct answer to this question, so your analysis is spot on. Good job!
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For this scenario:




Why can't H be an option for Saturday, instead of G? I didn't understand the part where you maximized the number of G's. Why would having specifically three G's make a difference, as long as you max out the spaces? I'd appreciate someone's feedback!

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I think your scenario is certainly correct and also a proof of the max. 6 correct answer. Maximizing L and G to attack this question, just because they're dominating variables in this question. If you exhaust all possible scenarios, yours is definitely included. Just m2c ;-)
 Adam Tyson
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Agreed, lilcohen! The alternate solution offered by kliu49 is also viable. Good work, team!

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