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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=11758)

The correct answer choice is (C)

The correct answer is a student who can be placed in any of the three classes. As the level 1 class is very restricted, begin your analysis there. I and G are fixed in level 1, and so neither is a consideration. But, the one remaining spot must be occupied by J or K, and so either J or K must be the correct answer (because none of the other students can be in the level 1 class).

Based on the setup discussion and as confirmed in question #2, J cannot be in the level 3 class, and thus answer choice (B) is eliminated. At this point, we know that K must be the correct answer, and therefore (C) is correct.

If the above did not make perfect sense, consider the following: F and L both appear near the end of the chain, and each must score lower than at least G, I, and K. Since G, I, and K are always ahead of F and L, F and L can never appear in the level 1 class. It follows that answer choices (A) and (D) are eliminated. M can never appear in the level 1 class since G, I, and J must always appear ahead of him and therefore answer choice (E) is incorrect.

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