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I completed all the numerical distribution and limited solution set practice problems in Lesson 11.....not having expected to have additional week(s) to study for the Feb LSAT...where can I find more of these types of games to practice?

 Adam Tyson
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Have you tried going through the Logic Games Problem Sets in the Online Student Center? You won't find a concentration of just one type of game there, but these sets are a great mix of different types to brush up on all your game skills, including recognizing things like numerical distributions, limited solution sets, and more, when you aren't being told that's what's there by the title of the lesson.

Of course, there are also plenty of practice tests online, too, and those might be among the best tools available for you to get ready.

Good luck! The snow's not all bad, now, is it?

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I really like the problem sets because they mix everything up....I'll do some more of those.


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