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Aloha Powerscore,

This game took me awhile to answer. I originally got 5/7 correct. I figured out why my answers were wrong for the ones I missed using the diagram below. But I'd like to know if I made the right inferences.

Game rules:
XX - where X stands for a variable that is repeated twice
J :arrow: HJ block
X is in 4 :arrow: X is not in 3
G :arrow: GO vertical block or GJ vertical block

I had two templates:

K G _ _
H J O _
1 2 3 4

K/ /K G _
H J O _
1 2 3 4

First, I made the first template where I figured that it must be that the HJ block can only occur where H is in 1 and J is in 2 and no where else because if J is present, it must be preceded by H, and no where else in the set up is able to reflect that.

Then I realized that there is a GO or GJ vertical blocks so I ended with two templates reflecting that.
Just realized that there could be three templates as the second template could be split.

Thank you in advance,
 Jeremy Press
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Hi Amy,

You've got it exactly right! Those are the three templates I created for this game also. Templates are a really great way to approach the questions in this game, assuming you can spot them in the setup in a timely way and get the basic options sketched out quickly enough to leave time to answer the questions.

With your second template (that as you correctly note could be split into two options, depending on which week you place K into), I wouldn't add a thing.

In the first template, you could (though it's not entirely necessary) add into week 3 that one of L or M will be the product advertised with O. That is because H, K, J, and G have already been used in weeks 1 and 2, and therefore cannot be advertised a second time in week 3. The other member of the M/L pair will have to be advertised in week 4, because it won't have been advertised previously. The final product to be advertised in week 4 is either H or K (since G cannot go with M or L; and J cannot be displayed in week 4).

Nice job on that setup!


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