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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=9037)

The correct answer choice is (B)

The Not Laws created by the super-block easily answer this question. S can never be scheduled for day 3 and thus answer choice (B) is correct.
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I am currently going through the virtual weekend class online with PowerScore. Very helpful!!

I am working through the lessons and came across a question that I believe has an error in it. Obviously, I am probably 99.9% wrong about the error, but wanted to get further information.

June 1997 Game #4 - Question #9

Which on of the following must be false?

B. Session S is scheduled for day 3 (based on the inferences from the rules we established that Session S cannot be on day 3. B is the correct answer according to the workbook )

C. Leopold is scheduled for day 1 (rule 2 states that "Day 3 is a day on which Leopold teaches)

I think both of these answers are correct and MUST be false. Can someone please explain.

 Steve Stein
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First, I'm very glad to hear that the weekend course has been helpful!

As for the question you asked about, it is true that Leopold is always scheduled on Day 3, but unless they say Day 3 only (or something along those lines), Leopold is not prohibited from teaching on other days as well.

I hope that's helpful--please let me know whether it's clear--thanks!


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