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Dear Power Score Support Staff,

Could you please provide an explanation to the correct answer? Thanks in advance for the help

 Robert Carroll
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The question sets up that M is 1, which makes G 2, and H must be 7. S is always 4, so spaces 3, 5, and 6 are available for the other variables. We can instantly get rid of answer choices (A) and (E): (A) because F cannot be 6, leaving no room for J to be after F, and (E) because M will always be one before G.

Of the answers left, answer choice (C) and (D) both refer to G, which we've already placed 2. So we think about what could follow G. J cannot, as answer choice (C) says, because there would be no room for F to precede J. Answer choice (D) looks promising - if K is right after G, we'd be able to put F 5 and J 6. In fact, this works.

For completeness's sake, answer choice (B) doesn't work because the only place F could be right before K is F 5 and K 6, but then there is no room after F for J.

Robert Carroll

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