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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=8601)

The correct answer choice is (B)

The diagram of workers-to-tasks at the top of the page makes this List question easy to solve. For example, only I or K can do the framing, and therefore either I or K must be on the list. Answer choice (E) contains neither I nor K, and thus answer choice (E) can be eliminated. The same process can be applied to each of the other answer choices:

Answer choice (A) is incorrect because L or O must do the wallboarding.

Answer choice (B) is the correct answer.

Answer choice (C) is incorrect because G or L must do the taping.

Answer choice (D) is incorrect because G or L must do the taping.
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Hi Powerscore,
I'm not sure that I'm clear on why the correct answer is B. The total number of workers listed are 4 yet there are 5 tasks. Are we suppose to assume that because L can be in either task W or P that it goes in both? And because it goes in both all 5 tasks have at least 1 worker (like the rule stated).
It would look something like this:

K , L, G, H, L?
:longline: :longline: :longline: :longline: :longline:
F, W , T , S, P

I was hesitant to choose this answer because the distribution I saw for answer choice B was- 1:2:1 which = 4. And the rule clearly states that all 5 tasks must go....
Can someone guide me to see where my analysis is wrong? :-?

Thanks in advance
 Jeremy Press
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Hi GG,

It's true that the scenario requires all 5 tasks to be done. But that doesn't mean the tasks all have to be done by different crew members. So you could potentially have fewer than 5 crew members and still get all 5 tasks done, as your diagram shows.

One of the challenges of this game is that there is a possibility of a worker doing more than one task, so long as they do those tasks on different days. You can tell that's possible from the language of the third rule, "Each crew member does at least one task during the installation, but no more than one task a day." What that means if that if a worker is on the crew (is a "crew member"), then that worker has to do something (at least one task), but they could do more than one thing (just not more than one thing per day).

The solution you presented works, so long as you keep the taping and priming on different days, as the rules require. You don't have to assume that's the only solution, though. There's another one that works too, which would be:

Day 1: Kelly does Framing; Leanda does Wallboarding; George does Taping
Day 2: Helena does Sanding
Day 3: Helena does Priming

The key is that answer choice B gives us some possible ways to solve the game, and doesn't force us to break rules. All of the other answer choices force us to break rules, as the original post in the thread describes.

I hope this helps!
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I see how I misinterpreted Rule 3 and didn't think through that the crew members could preform more than 1 task- I got tripped up by the part of "as long as they are in different days". Thank you for your help Jeremy!
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Hi There,

Could you please explain how the question can say "Each crew member does at least one task during the installation, but no more than one task a day." but then each crew member does not not complete at each one task? Am I missing something here?

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 Beatrice Brown
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Hi AK! This is definitely a tricky rule to interpret.

The scenario gives us the list of possible workers. There are 7 workers listed, and only up to 5 of them can work on the crew. Those workers who work on the crew are considered "crew members." So the third rule really means that whoever is selected for the crew must do at least one task but cannot complete more than one task each day. This is different than a rule that says that all 7 workers must be on the crew. Instead, the language of the rule suggests that of the workers selected, each much complete at least one task.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you need further clarification!

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