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Hello Power Score Support Staff,

Could you please provide me with an explanation of the correct answer to this question?

 Adam Tyson
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Happy to help, studyhelp20! First, let me direct you to the thread about the overall setup, in which Dave made a couple posts that indicate some powerful not-laws based on a long sequence of K :longline: MKM :longline: O :longline: L.

Because of this sequence (which we could supplement by adding a placeholder for whatever goes in the first space, either J or L), we can infer that K, which is 2nd, can never also go 3rd. Any answer with K in it must be wrong, so we can cross out answer A, D, and E.

Also due to that sequence, and the rule that O only goes once, we can see that O can never b 3rd. There are too many other variables before the single O in the game for that to happen. So answer C, which includes O, is incorrect. That leaves only answer B, which is the correct answer!

To clarify, this question is asking for a list of every variable that could be in that 3rd spot. We've determined that K and O cannot go there, but there is nothing to prevent any of the others from doing so, so the answer must be a list of the other three variables, J, L, and M. They cannot all go there at once, of course, but any of them could go there in at least one of the many solutions to the game.

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