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On Question 1 logic game on pg 234- the rules to do not state that 'o' also come before 'L' as it is shown on page 342
Thus one can have:
this was my thinking and caused a wrong answer Quest 12
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excuse me it was #13. I understand why I got the answer wrong but I do not understand how they came up with that logic.
 Jon Denning
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Hey Art,

Thanks for the question (and clarification). O doesn't have to come before L, in fact O could go 7th in this game. O can also go last for question 13. What you know is that with K in 4 and P > L to the right (east) of K (from the rules), then when question 13 also puts O to the right (east) of K, spaces 5, 6, and 7 are filled by the group P, L, and O with P to the left (west) of L.

That of course leaves N, R, and M to the left (west) of K in spaces 1, 2, and 3, respectively: M is always next to K so must be 3, R cannot be first so must be 2, leaving N to go 1.

The order looks like this:

N R M K (P > L, O), with the first four spots fixed and some movement possible in the last three.

The only answer choice pairing that must be adjacent then is N and R, answer choice (D).

I hope that helps!

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