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If you are taking the Weekend class as a review for the June LSAT, which is in 2 weeks, what is the best way of studying? After the first weekend, I am caught up on my LSAT terminology. What plan can a student make in terms of time management and efficiency if your goal is to get an average score around 150? My weakness is logic games. But I also must review reading comprehension and logic reasoning.
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Hi vsb2007,

Thanks for your question! While two weeks is a very short amount of time to hope for a drastic improvement on all three sections of the test, you can absolutely raise your score, especially if you are currently scoring below 150, and even more so if your major weakness is Logic Games (by far the most learnable section on the test). Keep in mind, however, that your performance in Logical Reasoning (LR) will be 50% of your score, so you don't want to ignore that. If I were you, I'd split my time between Logic Games and Logical Reasoning.

You may want to take a look at the study plan below, and modify it accordingly: ... y-Plan.pdf

I'd make a few modifications to the plan:
  • 1. Focus on LG/LR. While completing your RC homework from the Weekend coursebook is important, you stand to gain the most points from focusing on LG/RC.

    2. Purchase the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Bibles only (choose Overnight shipping, if possible). Two weeks is enough time to cover the material in them, which it will reinforce what you learned in class over the weekend. The Bibles are an outstanding resource for both learning and review, especially for someone who has already been exposed to the conceptual framework of our approach. Aim to complete both volumes in the next 5-6 days, skipping the material you're already familiar with from the Weekend course. In LG, you should focus on Basic Linear, Advanced Linear, and Grouping Games. In LR, focus on Must Be True, Assumption, Weaken, Strengthen, Method, and Flaw in the Reasoning questions. Learn to recognize and manipulate arguments containing conditional and causal reasoning.

    3. Instead of obtaining the Question Type Training volumes, use the Weekend course homework to complete the question-type LR and LG practice, as instructed in the plan.

    4. You will only have enough time to do 4-5 practice tests until the day of the test. Obtain the most recent tests, or use the ones provided on the Online Student Center as part of your course. Do 2-3 tests/week, making sure to add a fifth section to each test in lieu of the experimental.

    5. As you progress through your practice tests, make sure to review your mistakes and focus on the areas that are costing you the most points. This may be conditional reasoning, causation, a specific question or game type, etc. Continuous self-diagnosis is key.
If your goal is to score around 150, competence in the areas mentioned above should be sufficient as they comprise at least 75% of the test. Section strategy is also key, as you do not want to get stuck on difficult questions and run out of time to do the easy ones. If a question seems difficult, cut your losses short and move on! Remember: you can miss as many as 40 questions and still obtain a score above 150! As you learn more about Logic Games, find out which types of games are the easiest for you, and focus your attention on those! Your goal should be to complete three games at 100% accuracy, allowing yourself approximately 12 minutes/game. Skip Rule Substitution, "5 If's" and Justify questions in LG.

This will be a lot of work, as your timeframe is so condensed. We're here to help, so do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions!

Good luck!

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