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So the answer key quotes, "Thus, the consumers following the advice in the stimulus will always end up buying plastic containers that are relatively new, and the products in more heavily recycled containing would not be purchased. Obviously, this scenario would defeat the purpose of the recommendation in the stimulus since demand of the recycled containers and the recyclable plastics in general would be limited."

I get their point but other people who are not concerned with the code number may still buy the recycled plastic. We don't know that all people are concerned with the code number.

& the people who are concerned with the code number will buy the newer plastic with the lower code. Thus both will be purchased & the recycled plastic used until it can't be recycled anymore.

This way some people are buying the lower code numbers that haven't been recycled as much and some people are buying the code numbers that are higher. The recycled stuff is still being purchased and there for put to use again. & the lower code plastic is also being purchased so it can be recycled and purchased by people that aren't concerned with the code.
 Adam Tyson
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On weaken questions like this one, saranash, remember to focus on the conclusion. Here, that's the claim that consumers can contribute to a long-term reduction in unrecycled plastic waste by buying only low-code packages. In other words, the author is saying "If people buy only low numbered packages, we will be recycling more than if people buy high numbered packages."

It's not about who is or isn't concerned about the codes, or even whether anyone is aware of the codes - it's just about the claim that buying low numbers will increase the amount of plastic being recycled.

Correct answer C, if true, directly attacks that claim - if people buy low numbers instead of high numbers, there will be less incentive for package manufacturers to recycle because demand for the recycled products will be reduced. That means buying low numbers leads to less recycling, rather than more recycling.

I hope that clears things up. Good luck!
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that makes sense. Thanks!

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