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Hi PowerScore -
For this one, I put C instead of E. My question with E is, why does Q have to be included? Why couldn't you have 4 scientists on the panel (CZZB) and 5 excluded from the panel, with Q excluded? The assumption that was possible was what led me to eliminate that answer.
 Robert Carroll
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Kelsey's post here is relevant: viewtopic.php?p=82968#p82968

In short, 5 people must be selected, via the scenario.

For question #2 specifically, if exactly one chemist is selected, as in the local condition for the question, we should consider what other categories of scientists are selected. If more than one botanist is selected, we'd get only one zoologist, via the second rule, so it's either 1 botanist (and thus 3 zoologists), or all 3 botanists (and 1 zoologist). The problem is, M is selected, so P and R are selected (last rule), so the 1 zoologist situation doesn't work. So 3 zoologists must be selected, which is all of them. That leads to answer choice (E).

Robert Carroll

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