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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=4937)

The correct answer choice is (B)

If you answered question #19 correctly, question #20 should make sense. In answer choice (B), if K and P work on Friday, then from the last rule Friday must be P’s first day. However, this would create a violation of the fourth rule because S could not work during the week. Hence, answer choice (B) cannot be true and is correct.
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Hi there,

I am just confused as to why C would not be the correct answer. If S works on Monday than that means Paul will never work? is that okay/possible?
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Hi kmclean!

If S works on Monday, P can also work on Monday! Look carefully at the wording of that fourth rule: "Seymour does not work on any day before the first day Paul works that week." Notice that rule doesn't say that Paul's first day has to be before any day Seymour's works. All it says is that Seymour does not work on any day before Paul's first day. But that leaves open the possibility that Seymour could work on the same day as Paul's first day! S and P1 can be on the same day, as long as we don't have an S before P1, it's totally fine!

Hope this helps!


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