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Hi there,
Can I just say how amazing the analytics are in the Powerscore system? ! Thank you for investing in this - it's very helpful as a student.

I do have a couple of requests if you don't mind.

Are you able to provide more analytics on time spent by question in the platform? It would be great for us to be able to see higher level stats and trends across time. For example, weekly stats that track progress on time spent on question per section, per game/passage within a section, per question family and question type for LR (%#, CE, CN, FL etc) and for (Assum, Flaw, Justify, Parallel etc). You can review within each test but not from test to test or across study history.

Ok let me make this easier.

On the Historical Performance section -- to all four cards, can you add average time spent in another column? It would be helpful to exclude drill sets as the system doesn't let you pause drill sets in my experience. So the times will be off the charts -- I rarely finish them in one setting.

[On that note it would be great to add the pause time feature to the drill sets.]

In the long run it would be great to have a graphic which shows your progress week to week on time spent on question types/sections you struggle with. It would also provide a measurable goal. This week "I'm going to try and shave 20 seconds off my time spent on grouping games." "Next week I'm going to work on shaving 3 seconds off my combined flaw/parallel average."

Thanks so much!
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Julie,

Thanks for the note and for the kind words! I love hearing new Analytics-related suggestions, so always feel free to post any thoughts or requests here--we take them seriously and discuss every suggestion we receive. The other half of the discussion sis the technical feasibility of implementing any change, which is what I can't comment on here. Each change we make affects users across of a number of platforms, so we have to be careful there. That's all my way of saying I don't know how easy or quick any of these changes will be, but we will explore them!

I'll see what we can do, and thank you very much for the suggestions--please keep them coming!
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Thanks for the response, Dave! I can appreciate the engineering component to implementing some of these ideas. That said, I come from a data background so often nerd out over data. The right analytics really help to pinpoint issues so I find it fascinating. I'll keep posting ideas but also keep in mind the engineering constraints.

Another metric that might be interesting would be metrics on the first question of each LG and RC question to get a sense of time spent on the game setup/initial reading of the passage. Did I get stuck staring at the screen on every mapping game? Has my time spent reading the passage decreased and did this correspond with improvements in my RC performance? Do I freeze when I see a flowery philosophical passage?

Thanks again for advocating for LSAT students and creating a platform for us to monitor progress - it is incredibly helpful!

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