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Dear Dave, I am writing August lsat which was announced to be done in lsat-flex format

Since the last two lsat were carried out by lsat-flex formats, by now, someone of your expertise must have some info about how score curve looks like, in relation with incorrect Questions correlation and the score: as in , 8-14 wrong is still as good as to get score of 170? Or 7-9 wrong is then the test taker can expect 170?

As you know, usually 1-3 wrong wrong can get 179 or 180 in non lsat flex but in 1-3 wrong q guarantees only 175-177 in lsat flex exams?

What's your prediction?

Thank you for the consideration as always
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Lathlee!

It changes test to test, depending on the exact contents. So, from what we know, our predictions in our last Crystal Ball webinar are are the money :-D

Around the 1:22:53 mark, we talk about it: ... lex-tests/

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Thank you

your prediction method is what I thought the score table would most likely be, feeling good that my predation matched the expert's. :)

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