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Hello PowerScore,

I just listened to the podcast episode breaking down the upcoming changes to LSAT prep and it was mentioned that free webinars like the ones you guys put on will likely come to an end due to the changing policies. There are a couple webinars I signed up for but did not end up being able to attend; however, received links via email to the recorded sessions. Will these recordings of past webinars be taken down or will I be able to watch them back even after the end of the month when the policy changes?

Thanks for the help!

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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Peter,

The license change doesn't affect prior students or resources. So, since you signed up for that previously and wee given access then, it should be there for you.

I will note that as with any free resource, we do make changes to materials and when that invalidates prior posted material, we take it down.


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