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I'm not really sure where to post this, so I'll do it here.

Having started with a base score of 144, followed by a check score of 144, I found myself struggling. Despite studying consistently and working through the course, I couldn't seem to make any headway.

I registered for the limited tutoring that I could afford through PowerScore and was set up with Jay Donnell. In the 10 hours we spent together, he completely changed my understanding of the test and explained things in way that "clicked." Jay was beyond encouraging and motivating; he went above and beyond to not only make sure I was prepared for the test, but kept it together mentally in the almost three weeks of suffering while waiting for results.

I'm here to say, I scored a 161, the highest score I've made to date which includes my practice exams. Jay, Jon, and Dave, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I lost my career in law enforcement in 2015 following a shooting that rendered me unable to work in that capacity anymore, but my love for the law has never faded. It was my dream to go to law school, and you guys have made that dream not just possible, but probable. I can't thank you all enough.

-Darren Ellis
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 Stephanie Turaj
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Hi Darren,

CONGRATS on the score! We are so pleased to hear the good news, and that we were able to help you achieve this. :D I will certainly pass this along to Jay and the rest of our team. We wish you the best in law school and beyond!


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