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Because I am just beginning to study RC I set the timer for a RC digital test section to 3 hours so that I could progress through the questions leisurely; however, now that I have completed all of the questions it seems that the only way to submit them is wait for the time to run out (I have 2 hours left). Thus, I am wondering if this is avoidable and if there is way to submit digital test answers immediately after you have completed them?

If it possible and I am overlooking how, then I apologize for my technological ineptitude.


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 Stephanie Turaj
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Hi Falcon,

We designed our digital platform to simulate the actual LSAT, which doesn't allow users to move ahead on sections before the timer runs out. Therefore, you unfortunately would be unable to skip ahead to another section prior to the timer running out :/ . Please note the default time is set to 35 minutes; if you want to take an "untimed" test, you can adjust the time limit per section. However, for the future, I would recommend a time under 3 hours per section since you'll be unable to skip ahead.

If you need additional assistance, you can email us at Our administrative staff monitors that inbox regularly during business hours, so you will likely receive a quicker response there than you would by posting to the forum. :)


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