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I have just finished taking my third test. From my first to my second test, my score went down by 2 points. Fine, I had been warned that that could happen. From my second to third test, my score went down by 1 point. Seriously? I did better NOT studying than after learning what I've learned. I study 3-4 hours a day, with the exception of class days, I do the homework problems, I go to class every day, so what gives? I'm at my wits' end... What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do?

I started studying when the course started, about 5-6 weeks ago, so I do cut myself some slack. I've also been removed from the academic world just shy of 6 years. But how am I 85% through with the course, still in the 140s AND dropping points?

I'm signed up for the December 2011 test, but I'm wondering if I should even take it. Any suggestions? Should I retake the course? Try private tutoring? Take it as a big glaring sign to give up?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

 Steve Stein
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First of all, don't give up! I've sent you a private message so that we might discuss your performance in greater detail.


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I need help to increase my score
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 Stephanie Turaj
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Hi Gaia,

Thanks for the post! PowerScore can certainly help you with that! :-D PowerScore offers courses, tutoring, and self-study books, all of which you can learn more about on our LSAT Page here: We also do have tons of free resources, such as our blog, our podcasts, and this forum.

We are more than happy to point you in the right direction or answer any specific questions that you may have. I would suggest looking over this blog post, Need LSAT Advice? How to Help Us, Help You, for suggestions about what information to provide us that will best help us guide you. :)

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Gaia2520 wrote:I need help to increase my score
Sounds like my case, I started with 140 in my first 3 attempts. I finally achieved 160 in November 2019 lsat after so many attempts Message me if you want my testimony .

But short word, I regret not listening to Dave and other powerscore experts recommendations including hiring lsat tutor , (i know they are expensive, but definitely significant time saver in regards sudden score increasing )

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