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In this free LSAT webinar on 11/16 at 8pm eastern, we'll dive into the best way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses at Reading Comp!

Do you spend too much time reading? Fail to absorb enough information about the structure of the passage? Or is it that you go too slowly in the questions? We’ll explore these ideas and more in a seminar that makes Reading Comp actually fun. Taught by Senior Instructor, Jay Donnell.

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Hi Powerscore,

If we were not able to attend, would a recording of the lecture be sent out?
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 Stephanie Oswalt
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Hi mshaheen,

Yes, if you registered for the webinar and even if you did not attend, you should get an email with the recording link. It doesn't look like you registered, though, so I'll go ahead and send you an email with the recording. :)


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