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You won't want to miss this special preview of the November 2021 LSAT! Join us on 10/20 at 8pm eastern for an interactive online session where Dave Killoran and Jon Denning will analyze recent trends and statistics to predict what will appear on the upcoming test. You can't get this insider info anywhere else, including what past LSAT content is likely to resurface on the November exam.

The goal is to help attendees recognize the concepts and skills that will serve as the basis of their score—to highlight precisely what's most likely to appear, from guarantees to dark-horse, outlier candidates—allowing for a clear ability to prioritize your efforts most appropriately as your test date approaches. Gain some peace of mind ahead of test day and eliminate any potential surprises by joining us for this special session!

NOTE: There will not be an archived recording sent out for this webinar, so you'll need to join us for the live session in order to access the tips and info we're providing. If you are a PowerScore LSAT Course or Private Tutoring Package student, the webinar recording will still be available in your Online Student Center.

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Do analytic package students get access to the recording as well?
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Lucascohen1 wrote: Thu Oct 21, 2021 1:05 pm Do analytic package students get access to the recording as well?
Yes, they do. :-D It should be up in your Online Student Center now! Please send us an email at if you need more specific steps on how to find the recording in your account. :)

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