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Logic Games are by far my worst section, I just don't seem to "get" them.
With only a few days until the June LSAT, I plan on just drilling them and doing as many games as I possibly can but I think it's time to just simply work on my strategy for the games now.

My goal score is around a 160 (I've been scoring around 151-154 on practice) and I do pretty well on LR and RC, with LG being my biggest area to improve in (I'll basically guess on two whole games).

Are there any LG testing strategies that anyone would suggest? I typically can only get through 2 games under the pressure of the timed PT's. Should I just try to focus on only attacking 2 or 3? Are there any scenarios I should just straight out avoid since I'm just generally not a LG person?

Also, any other study tips for the next few days?

Thank you so much!
 Nikki Siclunov
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Hi a.hayle,

Thanks for the question, and welcome to the forum! With only a week left until the June LSAT, all we can do is give you "last minute" strategy tips. A more thorough conceptual understanding of the LG section, however, will undoubtedly help you achieve a much higher score. Are you dead-set on taking the test in June? How did you prep for it in general? What approach are you using to the LG section?

If last-minute tips is what you'e looking for, here are a few:
  • 1. Identify the types of games you are strongest on (e.g. Basic Linear, Defined Grouping, etc.) and do those games first.

    2. Focus on completing three out of the four games, and leave for last the game that you believe will be the most difficult, especially if it has only 5 questions in it. This gives you slightly less than 12 minutes/game.

    Note that difficulty in LG can result from a number of factors, including a large number of variables or variable sets, complex numerical assignments - especially in Grouping Games, convoluted wording in the rule set, conditional rules, etc.

    4. Skip time-consuming questions, such as "5 If's", Justify, and Rule Substitution.

    5. Make sure to invest enough time at the set-up stage to determine major inferences that result from rule linkage.

    6. If you notice that the game has a limited number of solutions, sketch out each solution in advance (a Templates/Possibilities approach). This can be time-consuming when applied to the wrong game, however, so be careful with it.
I wish you had more time to devote to this section, as it is by far the easiest section on the test to improve on. So, while I'm loathe to discourage you from taking the test in June, I would like to know a bit more about how you've prepped so far, and why you absolutely need to take the test in a week.


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