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As April's LSATs conclude, test takers throughout the US and Canada naturally wonder what to make of their experience, and are eager to hear more about the experiences of others. To aid in that, this thread allows you to provide general feedback about your test, and will serve as a one-stop repository for all of the details that PowerScore users submit.

This information can then help you better predict your own scoring outcomes, and determine whether to keep or cancel your score (although these days you rarely should cancel since only your highest score matters). For more assistance on making that decision, please visit: The Ultimate LSAT Scoring Guide: Should You Keep or Cancel?

Here is LSAC's note regarding test discussion:

  • REMINDER: Under your Candidate Agreement, you may not discuss the details of any specific LSAT questions at any time. For the January LSAT, general discussion of what sections you had, or how difficult you found a given section, or speculation about which sections were scored or unscored, is prohibited until after 7pm ET, Tuesday, April 16th. Posts that violate these rules will be taken down and may result in disciplinary action from LSAC. Let’s work together to ensure the test is fair to everyone, and not share information before everyone has taken the test.

    Some examples of typical comments:

    Okay: the section on Cambodian woodworking really had me second guessing everything.
    Over the line: the passage on Cambodian woodworking didn’t count.

    Okay: a few of the games had me confused but think I was okay.
    Over the line: I had Cambodian woodworking, Fireflies, and rice farming in Iowa so Lithuanian Lithograph Libraries was experimental.

    Okay: overall fair test, struggled on a couple of RC passages (damn you polymorphic molecules) but think I was okay hoping for a -2 or -3
    Over the line: fair test but struggled on a couple RC passages (polymorphic molecules anyone? Thankfully it didn’t count). Don’t want to take again in June

    Over the line: Anyone know if Polygamist Societies in the 1880s was real or experimental?

    Over the line: Please tell me that polygon dice game didn’t count

    Good luck on the April test!

Note: This thread will continue to update and grow over the coming days, and thus is neither official nor complete while the discussion is ongoing. If you are considering canceling based on the details provided here, give the conversation a day or two as we work to confirm all of the information is accurate.

We're wishing everyone the very best on their LSAT, and can't wait to hear how it went!

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RC - LG - LR - RC

RC #1
- passage about fruits (?)

(difficulty 3/5 - standard, nothing unusual)

#1 - put people in order for interviews
(difficulty 1/5 - very standard)

#2 - Jazz trio (guitarist, saxophonists, percussionists)
(difficulty 3/5 - subgroups made it a little tricky)

#3 - Scheduling art classes, each taught by an expert (watercolor, portrait, etc.)
(difficulty 4/5 - tricky because each expert covered different classes)

#4 - Cruise ship amenities (spa, waterslide, karaoke, nightclub, theater)
(difficulty 5/5 - most difficult, especially last question, had to completely guess)

* Tourism in Egyptian tombs causing mold damage
* Effect of increasing/decreasing average national corporate tax rate on hiring
* Childhood participation in sports does not lead to self-discipline conducive for ethical behavior
* Only repetitive patterns of behavior are bad habits, bad habits always have negative consequences, receptive patterns of behavior have negative consequences
* Octopuses squirting water at aquarium lights
* In order to start district’s project on time, must raise funds either through raising property taxes or lowering PDB
* Sustainable economic and environmental development impossible unless plan payment developed
* People more distracted when overhearing one-sided conversations over phone vs both sides talking in public
* Dolphin saves someone’s life from a shark
*Dogs are more easily to interpret/understand human behavior than chimpanzees because have genetically adapted due to domestication
*Watching someone else yawning makes another person more likely to yawn
*Business owners and repealed laws

(difficulty 3/5 - standard difficulty from PTs)

RC #2
#1 - 16th century Italian theater
- women entering speaking roles was origins of comedic improvisation, not academic poetry
(difficulty 4/5 - had to watch out for specific word/phrases in questions and answer choices)

#2 - Genetic traits with adaptive value
- example: zebra, long legs vs short legs
- example: giraffes’ necks are multifunctional
(difficulty 2/5 - not too bad, more or less straightforward questions)

#3 - Justifying the criminalization of preparatory actions for crimes, protecting public
(difficulty 3/5 - content was the trickiest part, but otherwise questions were okay)

#4 - Frederick Douglass (Comparative)
- libertarianism

(difficulty 5/5 - had to track lots of different viewpoints)

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