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May I ask why PT 84 wasn't included on the LR Content that we should review? With it being one of the newer PTs, I expected it to be super important to review for the upcoming exams.
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 Dave Killoran
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We actually said that in general 80 to the present should be reviewed. We just happened to then further highlight certain sections at times.

All recent tests are useful, and that includes 84. Thanks!
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Hi! I am wondering if you think that Logic Games will be harder for June since it is the last time it will be offered?
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 Stephanie Oswalt
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alexasalerno12 wrote: Wed Mar 27, 2024 10:07 pm Hi! I am wondering if you think that Logic Games will be harder for June since it is the last time it will be offered?
Hi Alexasalerno,

It's highly unlikely LSAC would go through the effort of making a new LG for one test. So if it's a "harder" test, it's purely coincidence. Also, all LSATs are designed to be roughly equal, so when a test is logically harder, you get a looser scale. If a test is logically easier, then you get a tighter scale. So, in the long run, it offsets and brings everything to the middle :)


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